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Prague / April 14 – 15, 2011


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with David Henderson, a US communication strategist and author of numerous books on media advisory and Brand Journalism

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"Any marketing pieces today should not be just an announcement -- they should be a conversation"

Social media have transformed everything into a conversation. Alexandru Bradut Ulmanu, a reputable Romanian professor of journalism and media researcher will publish a book about the Facebook story in May 2011 in Bucharest. "The stories that create the Facebook story, the way people use social media, the way social media is changing our lives and rituals of communication, interaction and cooperation with those around us - all these are stories that stimulate my curiosity as a journalist and researcher," Bradut says on his blog.

"Being online with a beautiful website isn’t sufficient"

Brand Journalism is a new concept in France. As Aurélie Charpentier, co-founder of AdC – L’Agence de Contenu puts it, Brand Journalism is the answer to how to improve corporate visibility. AdC – L’Agence de Contenu is the first French agency that tries to spread the concept among heads of communication departments and CEOs of European companies.

Kathleen Holmlund: "Stop trying to hide"

Kathleen Holmlund, a highly esteemed Irish social media expert and brand communication advisor with News Strategies will address the Brand Journalism workshop audience in Prague on April 15 as an invited guest lecturer. ?"I believe that effective corporate communications (and this includes social media) boils down to four essential core components and these are truthfulness, transparency, humility, and helpfulness. If people see that you are reflecting these qualities on your website, in the news, in your ads, and on social media platforms, they will sing your praises. Stop trying to hide," Kathleen advises.

What's so new about Brand Journalism?

?During the promotion of the Brand Journalism workshop one of the questions I receive most often is: what’s so new about brand journalism? Here are a few options that can provide some food for thought to those who come in touch with the concept of Brand Journalism for the first time:?

Short-term earning? No, long-term vision

The global economic crisis and the moment of self-reflection that it brought for numerous companies is the engine that fuels Brand Journalism today. This new way of thinking in public communication is stimulated by the fact that more and more companies start to understand what the economic crunch has been pointing at us for the last three years: that we have been doing something wrong.

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