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Raf Stevens

Raf describes himself as a storyteller passionate about innovation and creativity. "My goal is inspire everyone I can to tap into their creativity and share it with the world." Drilling down into his experience, Raf has been blogging on the topic of storytelling for more than three years and he amassed a considerable audience at corporatestoryteller.be. He has also put his insights to action for several international companies by guiding them in using storytelling as a business tool. Raf has given numerous workshops and lecturers about the corporate storytelling subject to multiple blue chip companies. In 2010 he also co-started surfboard-communications.com - a new consulting concept, working exclusively with the new generation of decision makers who value the role of communication in driving organizational change. Before he started corporatestoryteller.be Raf built his career by working in various marketing and communication positions for fifteen years.

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